Unarmed security guards in San Antonio are among the most popular choices for property owners who want to keep their assets secure. Unarmed Security Guards provide confidentiality and save money by offering less liability than armed officers. Unarmed officer training is much longer than an armed guard, which gives them more credibility when it comes time to resolve any issues on duty. Unarmed Officer Training Unarmed security guards must undergo extensive unarmed officer training before they ever put on a uniform or pass through your doors—and this includes instruction in how best to handle themselves during altercations with clients or other employees, how well-equipped they should be at all times (mainly because guns aren’t allowed what sorts of situations require contacting outside law enforcement agencies, how best to communicate with tenants and visitors when problems arise, etc.), the ethical responsibilities they have in their line of work (which might include not allowing themselves or others close access to your building or property that isn’t allowed), and much more. Information can be found here.

Unarmed officers are also better equipped to handle emergencies involving medical issues—and can even take on some duties related to first aid if necessary! Unarmed security guards save money because there is no liability associated with them as opposed-arms training for armed officers means higher insurance rates. Unarmed guards offer less risk than a trained individual who carries firearms which allows you lower premiums from your insurer so long as unarmed guard coverage meets state requirements. See here for information about The Benefits of Hiring An Unarmed Security Guard in San Antonio, TX.