When it comes to a job for armed security guards in Fort Worth, Texas, you have a variety of options, from private security officers contracted through companies like G4S to security guards that are members of an employer’s family package. There are also security officers who are on contract through the military. The government or privately-owned companies may employ these security officers. They may also be part of a large corporation performing security services around the nation as part of their company’s responsibility to keep Fort Worth and the state of Texas safe. Information can be found here.


When you choose to work for an armed security company, they will provide you with security officers ready and willing to man your property should an incident arise. Oftentimes, they are the first people that you’ll see upon arriving at a site, and they are the ones responsible for keeping you and your family safe. In the event of an emergency, you are relying on these individuals to act responsibly and quickly so that you can get to safety. If you’re choosing between a private security officer and a public police officer, the latter may be what you’re looking for. A Fort Worth police officer is typically not trusted with guns because of the shooting incidents that have occurred at Fort Worth in the past. See here for information about Types of Armed Security Services in Fort Worth, Texas.

Private armed security guards are typically required to take a basic training course, receive firearms training, and have police officer certification. Once you’re hired, you will have the opportunity to set up an annual contract with your employer, where you can choose which contracts to sign and when to work. The majority of security guards work independently, so you won’t need to worry about reporting to your employer unless you have a problem. If an incident occurs, you will need to inform your employer immediately. Armed Security Services in Fort Worth, Texas, offers security guards full medical and dental benefits, paid holidays and vacation time, as well as up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave.