When looking at different types of mobile patrol services in San Antonio, Texas, you will see that there are a lot of options available to you when it comes to what type of mobile unit you want. A Mobile Patrol Service, as a general definition, is any group or team that is out to make citizens aware of crimes and apprehend criminals that have committed a crime in the area in which they live. There are also specific mobile patrol services groups such as Alcohol Intervention teams, DUI teams, and just plain citizen patrol units. Many of these groups have very similar ways of going about their business, but there are also differences between each of them based upon their specific purposes. See further information here.


Alcohol Intervention teams are primarily out at night to make it easier for people who are drunk to get home safely. Most of these teams will have marked trucks with their logo on them and will roam around the areas with their lights on and their sirens blazing to notify the public that they are there and visible. DUI teams are more often than not stationed at intersections, making themselves visible to people driving by in cars or on bicycles. If you are visiting an area and see one of these mobile patrol services, call the police right away because they don’t know if they are marking their territory or not. Learn more about The Easy Process of Hiring Mobile Patrol Services in San Antonio, TX.

Citizen patrol is one of the most useful types of mobile patrol services because it keeps a constant watch over things that may seem out of place. For example, drunk drivers seem to always travel the same route, and many times there are no laws that regulate where they can drink. It is a prime area for this type of mobile service. Other things that this kind of mobile service may do is to stand at light traffic intersections and hand out fliers that alert motorists that there is a person in the crosswalk so that drivers won’t hit them. These services also have the ability to give warnings at construction sites about not cutting off power lines so that the construction site can go on.