Unarmed officers are a controversial topic in today’s society. Many people think unarmed officers will not control a situation as quickly or effectively as an officer with weapons. However, unarmed officers have been around for decades and have been proven to be just as capable of maintaining the peace without using deadly force. Learn more here.

Unarmed officers must pass the same rigorous unarmed training that armed officers go through. They are trained in defensive tactics, firearms and other weapons systems (baton, pepper spray), unarmed self-defense techniques, and weaponless defense against attacks with various types of knives. Unarmed Officers have to complete a physical fitness test each year, including an obstacle course, strength tests, and running distance covered in time tested on specific periods during their shift when they may be required to chase or run after suspects who refuse to stop for any reason. Learn more about The Benefits Of Hiring Unarmed Officers.

There are many unarmed officers around the country, but Austin is one of them. Austin unarmed officers have been seen by numerous people subduing violent suspects without using deadly force while being attacked themselves at the same time.

Austin unarmed officers are used in many situations, including traffic stops, when a driver does not initially comply with officer directions or has outstanding warrants and tries to run away from the stop scene. Unarmed officers may also be required for crowd control or counter-terrorism efforts during significant events or incidents.