Unarmed Security Guards in Corpus Christi, Texas, have grown into a primary industry as the demand for guards who can physically protect the residents of a specific community has increased. With many towns in the Texas panhandle being on the frontier of Mexico and with Mexico having a volatile economy in recent years, along with drug/alcohol crimes taking a large amount of profit out of the city’s economic system, it is no wonder that the crime rates have skyrocketed in these areas. However, with a growing need for security throughout these communities, the number of armed guards who are now becoming involved in protecting the communities has also risen. Visit this link for more information.


The Unarmed Security Guards in Corpus Christi, Texas, work under the guidance of either a sheriff or a police officer assigned to the duty. When you sign up for employment as an unarmed security guard, you will be given a gear bag to carry your gear in, a bulletproof vest, and clothing that will keep you protected against any firearms or dangerous ammunition that may be used against you, as well as a shotgun/shotgun range that you can practice your shooting skills on. Unarmed security guards are now heavily relying on body armor vests to help protect them from gunfire, but if they ever face using force against a weapon fired at them, it is not always clear which one of their weapons was fired. Therefore, it is vital that the Unarmed Security Guards in Corpus Christi, Texas, receive personal protection training. Read about How Unarmed Security Guards in Corpus Christi, Texas Can Benefit The Community here. 

Unarmed security guards are in high demand across the nation as citizens’ crime levels have continued to increase and the resources needed to combat these crime rates are limited. As an unarmed security guard, you can offer security services to any community by providing a quick response time to problems involving the local community and protecting your clientele even when they are in your own home. Unarmed security guards in Texas are now being referred to as crime deterrence agents, and there is a rapidly growing business in providing this type of proactive security service.