Unarmed Officers Services Companies in Fort Worth, Texas, provides security for men, women, and children who need assistance during incidents of domestic violence, sexual assault, theft, or fraud. Unarmed officers are on duty twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. The first people called for help will not be arrested without the officers having given their first speech. They will then assess the situation and whether an arrest is warranted. If the suspect does continue with their bad act, they will be arrested. In addition, the officers will take the person’s weapon, if possible, and will advise their next of kin if it is safe for them to return to the scene. Find more information here.


Unarmed officer’s services companies in Fort Worth, Texas, will also respond to emergencies that may occur around the community. If a child has fallen or hurt while playing outside, the officers will direct people to call 911 for immediate assistance. At other times, they will be asked to go to the home of the family or seek out a neighbor for assistance with an emergency. Sometimes, the officers will simply follow a family member when they call for help to ensure that the person gets through the emergency safely. The officers will also notify police if they are needed at any other time during the day. See here for information about The Top Unarmed Officers Services in Fort Worth, Texas.

While providing these types of services, Unarmed Officers Services Companies in Fort Worth, Texas, also assists families who are in need of financial assistance. Many of the officers work with financial agencies to help provide individuals with loans to cover living expenses until their income can be recovered. Often, the family will receive a monthly cash advance until their financial situation is better prepared to handle a loan.