Our skilled team is backed by the nationally recognized TWIC Certification (Transportation Worker Identification Credential), allowing them access to restricted areas in multiple U.S. ports. They are committed, reliable, and fully engaged in providing 24/7 services to various clients, including the military, commercial organizations, and small businesses. Ranger Guard can offer a secure TWIC Escort service for you.

Ranger Guard TWIC Escort Service

In case you do not have a TWIC card but need to conduct legitimate business at the Port of Houston Authority facility. Ranger Guard offers professional escort services for the following:

Freight Forwarders

Exporters and Importers

Insurance Representative


Crew Member that Needs to Sign On or Off

Detained Crew Transportation

Medical Purpose Transportation

Transportation of Spare Parts for Repair or Forwarding

Transporting  of Spare Parts for Repairing or Forwarding


In addition, we offer TWIC escorts to crew members who need to transport spare parts for repairing or forwarding the ship. While escorting the importers/exporters, we closely pay attention to the loading and unloading of goods. The TWIC service ensures tight security in the prohibited areas. This will prevent Theft, Invasion of pirates, Terrorist invasion, Smuggling of illegal products, Attack on government property, and Danger to the lives of workers at the port. Plus, the TWIC card provides security and assurance to the maritime transportation system and national security.

Owner & Operator Communication Services

We offer extensive information and communication services tailored to the needs of the shipping industry. Recognizing the critical role of timely communication for vessel owners and operators, we prioritize maintaining a high standard in this area. In the event of scheduling changes or emergencies, our team is readily accessible.

Areas We Serve

Ranger Guard takes pride in providing TWIC Escort Service for the Ports in Texas and Florida, along with multiple other terminals across the Gulf Coast. Access to the Port of Houston, Barbours Cut, and Bayport container terminals necessitates a TWIC or TWIC Escort. Access to the waterfront areas of PHA’s Turning Basin terminal also requires a TWIC or TWIC Escort.

What is TWIC Program?

The TWIC program is designed to prevent potentially dangerous individuals from obtaining unsupervised entry to secure zones within the country’s maritime transportation system. Effective April 14, 2009, individuals requiring unsupervised access to secure areas of the Port of Houston Authority and federally regulated facilities along the Houston Ship Channel are required to possess a TWIC card or be accompanied while on the premises. The primary goal of the TWIC program is to enhance security at U.S. seaports by issuing a standardized identification credential for transportation personnel. Applicants for a TWIC card must successfully undergo a threat assessment as part of the process.

How To Get a TWIC Card

The TWIC functions as an ID system that includes the worker’s name, photo, and biometric details (fingerprint template). To acquire a TWIC, an individual must pass a security threat assessment administered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which evaluates criminal history, immigration status, terrorist watch list screening, and mental capacity. On average, it takes 21 days from application to obtain the credential.

The Coast Guard plans to use portable card readers to verify the identity of TWIC holders and TWIC Escorts during routine inspections and surprise checks. Those who do not possess a TWIC card or a designated escort may face civil or criminal consequences by local laws and federal regulations.

Need Professional TWIC Escort service?

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Ranger Guard is a licensed and insured security agency in Texas that offers professional TWIC Escort service. Our clients can choose from armed or unarmed officers, as well as long or short-term contracts. We take pride in our work and aim to provide an excellent experience for our clients. If you have any inquiries, please contact our management team at (832) 924-2920 today.