Unarmed officers are unarmed law enforcement officials that provide security and protection to the public. You may know armed officers, but unarmed officers aren’t talked about as often. Austin unarmed officer is one of many unarmed officers in various cities across Texas. They’re just like any other officer, except they don’t carry weapons on them when on duty. Though unarmed, these brave men and women use their skills in self-defense or negotiation to keep people safe while working with local law enforcement agencies to maintain peace in the community. Austin, TX can be seen here.

An unarmed officer is a sworn law enforcement official who patrols the streets unarmed. Although unarmed officers are not armed, they have other equipment to help them protect citizens and enforce laws. There are many things people don’t know about unarmed police officers that can be useful for civilians or aspiring police officers alike. Click here to read about Things You Need to Know About Unarmed Officers.

Here are just five interesting facts about unarmed officers you might find surprising:

  • They carry handcuffs
  • They use radios on their belts to communicate with dispatch center personnel.
  • Sometimes they wear bulletproof vests as uniformed police do
  • Many times they wear Kevlar helmets during dangerous situations (e.g., riots)
  • Some organizations expect unarmed officers to act as mediators between protesters and unarmed civilians and police