If you have never been to Crowley, Texas then you are missing out on a lot of the sights and sounds that make it such an awesome place. The town is full of great restaurants, beautiful scenery and tons of entertainment for all ages. For those who want to experience Crowley, TX in its truest form, this article will give you some ideas about what to do while visiting! Learn more here.

In Crowley, it’s not uncommon to hear the sounds of a freight train going through town in the middle of the night. This is just one aspect that makes this small Texas town unique among its counterparts. There are no bars on Main Street and very few fast-food chains come close enough for residents or visitors alike to find quickly when they’re hungry. The only bar in town sits right next door to St. Augustine Catholic Church, where most everyone worships every Sunday morning before going across the street for tamales at La Tienda Mexicana restaurant around midday—sometimes with their whole family! Learn more about White Settlement, TX: All You Need to Know.

The small town of Crowley, Texas is located about an hour outside Houston. It’s a place where people and trains still run on time, with residents waking up every morning to the sound of freight train cars passing through. You’re not uncommonly startled at night when you hear one go by – it can be loud enough that your whole house shakes!