Unarmed Officers Services are to be provided by security companies and firms in Houston, Texas. As for safety or security agencies within the state, they provide protection and deterrence to its citizens and visitors. All commissioned officers must undergo an exhaustive background investigation to ensure they are not a criminal element within the state. Texas holds the most number of officer-involved shootings in the nation, with Houston being the state capital. Texas is home to large numbers of officers in other large cities. Visit this link for more information. 


In Houston alone, there have been over three hundred officer-involved shooting victims in the past seven years. According to statistics, about fifteen percent of Texas law enforcement officers were in a negligence report, resulting in a person’s injury or death on duty. This alarming statistic has caused concern by those public safety officials who feel officer-related negligence or accidents are not dealt with appropriately. They have taken measures in the form of Unarmed Officers Services to protect themselves and protect others. Learn more about The Highly Trained Unarmed Officers Services in Houston, Texas.

Unarmed Officers Services in Houston, Texas, works to ensure that its officers and their respective departments are keeping current with the latest technology and training. The department offers classes and educational information on officer safety and the use of deadly force. Texas also requires its law enforcement officers to complete a minimum number of annual training hours certified to carry a firearm. This training helps prepare officers for high-risk jobs such as drug searches, gang sweeps, and property seizures.