Coppell Texas is a beautiful part of Texas located about thirty minutes north of Dallas. Coppell is also the home of the famous Texas attraction Sea World. It is a beautiful resort community and suburb of Dallas, Texas, just east of Dallas. The population at the last count was 38,654 at the 2021 census. A small rural area in the north part of the town extends to Denton County, where it is considered a taxable area. Learn information about Dallas, TX here.


In addition to Sea World, another popular attraction in Coppell that received accolades from tourists and residents alike was the Texas Children’s Hospital. Construction on the hospital began in 1972 and it is fully equipped for children who are suffering from varying illnesses including cancer. The hospital serves all of the regions of Texas, as well as parts of Louisiana, New Mexico, and Arizona. The best Dallas suburbs have become destinations for people who are looking to purchase real estate property. This growth is especially evident in Coppell. More than three thousand new houses are planned or currently under construction for this growing community. You will find other famous celebrities such as rodeo clown Richard Nixon and cowboy rancher Earle Gaultier also residing in this area. Many celebrities are born in Coppell including former First Lady Michelle Obama, rocker Aerosmith, pop star Elton John, actor Danny Glover, soccer coach in Major League Soccer team the LA Galaxy, and actor George Clooney. Still, many of those listed above have never set foot on the soil of Coppell Texas. One way to see all of these celebrities is to go on a tour of Coppell; this will allow you to see how Texas can be truly lived. Discover facts about Addison, Texas – An Emerging Art Town.

A large portion of Coppell’s population is of Hispanic descent, making this community an excellent locale for attracting people who want to settle in a warm and welcoming community. In addition to all of the activities that residents can enjoy, they also have access to a variety of attractions that range from nature preserves to great museums. For residents who are interested in buying real estate in this part falls, now is a great time to do so. Real estate values have risen rapidly in recent years, and the Metroplex and its surrounding area offer a wide array of amenities and services.