An unarmed officer is a police officer who does not carry firearms. , Their duties vary depending on their location, but unarmed officers may be trained in self-defense techniques like judo or Tae Kwon to defend themselves against an attacker if necessary. More can be found here.

In recent years unarmed officers have been of great importance in the community. From being a first responder, an unarmed officer can provide valuable services that may save lives and prevent injuries from occurring. In some cases, this is done by helping traffic control, while others are arrested for drugs or other offenses. Unarmed officers also play a vital role during disaster situations such as earthquakes. They allow large secure areas, assist people who need medical attention, and even rescue those trapped under rubble or debris. Learn more about Unarmed and Armed Officers: What is the Difference.

While there has been debate over whether unarmed police should carry guns, it is apparent that these men and women do essential work day after day without any weapons on their person at all times. If unarmed officers were unarmed, there would be very negative consequences for the community. These officers are often called “peace officers,” which means they keep the peace by enforcing laws and preventing crime.