Unarmed security guards are on duty in Texas. They are part of the Fort Worth community and serve as a vital part of the community’s security. As sworn, professional law enforcement officers they are in a position of protecting life, property, and the rights of others. As a part of Fort Worth’s Community Crime Enforcement teams, they are charged with apprehending criminals, investigating crimes, and making arrests for public disturbances and other criminal activity. Visit this link for more information.


The job description of an Unarmed Security Guard in Fort Worth Texas is very basic. The role of a Fort Worth Texas Unarmed Security Guards differs slightly from other states’ laws and regulations. Texas law allows Texas Unarmed Security Guards to be trained and certified for combat if so ordered by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The requirements for training and certification vary slightly from state to state, as does the national average salary.  Fort Worth is a peaceful place to live. With the large number of people moving here year-round there are many different kinds of people that come to town. The vast majority of people are very law-abiding and keep on doing what they do best, which is offering their talents to help the community. The people of Fort Worth have embraced these Fort Worth security officers and know them to be helpful and a great help to the community. The men and women of the Texas security guards work diligently every day to protect the residents of Fort Worth and all the people that visit the area. Read about the Benefits of Unarmed Security Guards in Fort Worth, Texas here.

Texas is one of the most diverse states when it comes to Unarmed Security Guards. A number of Texas towns have historically had higher crime rates than the rest of the state, making it more difficult for security officers to find jobs. As the demand for guards has risen over the years, there have been more positions created to accommodate the growing needs. Unarmed security guards in Fort Worth serve a variety of different community police departments, including those in Arlington and San Antonio, and these officers have an average age of just 23. While there is no clear indication of why crime rates have increased in and around the city of Fort Worth, many speculate that it is related to the oil and gas industry in the area.