Carrollton, Texas is a small community just east of Denton, Dallas, Fennell, and Collin Counties in Texas, United States of America. The city was incorporated as a town in the mid-nineteenth century and quickly became a prosperous agricultural center. It is known for its wide variety of Texas attractions and is known for being a place where people of all races and ethnic backgrounds enjoy living. The city has been trying to develop its community, but with limited success, due to the lack of real estate and affordable housing. Learn more here.

The original settlement of Carrollton dates back to the early nineteenth century when it was a part of the Texas Purchase Commission’s lands. In the early part of the twentieth century, the city began to grow rapidly, especially after the Second World War and the advent of the interstate highway system. Many new subdivisions were started in the area and a number of manufacturing plants were added. A major concern at that time was how to keep people moving into the area, which led to the growth of cities along with the freeway system such as Dallas, Austin, Houston, and El Paso. In the 1950s, with the growing acceptance of the transcontinental freeway system, the Texas Purchase Commission began allowing for an expanded road system along the west coast from Houston to Dallas. Learn more about Plano, Texas – Home to Many Festivals and Events.

The growth of Carrollton, Texas town and its growth in commerce helped to attract many businesses to the area. One of those businesses was the Dallas Gold Rush, which started in Dallas in nineteen fifty-one and went on to invest millions of dollars in the state of Texas. At the time, Carrollton was just beginning to compete with cities along with the freeway system such as Houston and El Paso. Today, Carrollton is one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas with the second-largest downtown population growth rate out of all the cities of this size in Texas. Now, people looking for a home can take advantage of the excellent housing prices that this city has to offer.