There are many different professional mobile patrol services available in San Antonio, Texas. These mobile crime prevention units are equipped with the latest technology and highly trained sworn officers that will give you a one-on-one consultation and walk you through the entire process of apprehending your suspect. This is often much cheaper than hiring a private investigator because the Police Force will not charge you for the investigation and services that they render to you unless there is probable cause to do so. These patrol units are also very useful in other areas such as public schools, banks, shopping malls, and businesses that need to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. By having a Mobile Patrol Service in your area, you will be able to effectively reduce crime rates and have a higher sense of security within your community. Find further facts here.


There are many different crimes that are typically solved by the San Antonio Police Department, but one of the most common is theft. A stolen vehicle can cost someone hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is why it is very important to apprehend any suspect who is involved in a break-in. The mobile patrol service will arrive at your home or business within twenty-four hours to take a report about the theft. In some instances, the unit will notify the local police department so that they have the information about the theft immediately. Read about 4 Different Kinds of Mobile Patrol Services in San Antonio, TX here. 

Another service that is offered by the mobile patrol service in San Antonio is that they will often hold community safety events in different locations throughout the city. These events will help students, teachers, and parents interact while they are on their way to or from school and will also give kids a chance to learn how to deal with real people while enjoying their day. Police officers usually won’t have anything to do with these community safety events unless there is reason to believe that there was a burglary or vandalism. If you feel that you need additional assistance or would like to learn more about what a Mobile Patrol Service in San Antonio has to offer, you can contact them directly by calling the numbers on their website.