Unarmed security guards in Austin, Texas, are an excellent resource for many reasons. Unarmed security guards in Austin serve as a precious resource to have on hand, especially during volatile situations. Unarmed security guards can identify and dispatched to help relieve the problem in any given area, or they can even call in a helicopter and drop a canine onto the suspected attacker. Additionally, if the security guard does not want to engage in physical combat, the guards are also trained to react with deadly force to protect themselves and others. Unarmed security guards are handy in providing a human shield against attacks by criminals while still keeping a safe distance from the situation. Austin, TX information can be seen at this link.


In Austin, TX, unarmed security guards also work directly with the police, helping them during routine traffic stops and suspects’ arrests in criminal activity. Unarmed security guards can also be instrumental in catching shoplifters who attempt to break into stores. When a store owner sees a customer remove items from her shop without paying for them, she is legally required to report the illegal behavior to the police. However, many shoppers may choose to elude authorities to avoid apprehension. In these cases, the security guard will help police in their arrest and prosecution of the suspect. Discover facts about The Advantages of Hiring Unarmed Security Guards in Austin, Texas.

Unarmed security guards in Austin also play a large role in protecting university students living in the Austin area. Unarmed security guards in Austin also frequently interact with high school and college students on campus and public members who frequent the University of Texas at Austin campus. Unarmed security guards are a precious resource for the university and its students, faculty, staff, and community.