There are many benefits to hiring professional mobile patrol services in San Antonio, Texas. First and foremost, a mobile patrol company will arrive on the scene of an accident or crime before the police and paramedics can. By contacting a professional mobile patrol service within minutes of the accident or crime, the victim can get the medical attention they need before professional first responders arrive. Secondly, mobile crime units allow victims of crime to move safely from place to place while the professionals deal with their issues. Lastly, mobile patrol services in San Antonio, Texas, can help save money by reducing the amount of time that a police officer must spend making an arrest after a call. Learn more here.


In San Antonio, Texas, there is no jurisdiction over mobile patrol officers other than the state law. Because of this, it is important to hire a company that has experience operating in the city of San Antonio. Also, it is crucial to choose a mobile patrol service that has highly trained, highly equipped officers because these are the individuals who will be the best communicators when communicating with the citizens of a community. The first thing that a victim should look for when contacting a mobile crime unit is a list of past successful contracts, the training procedures, and the equipment that the service has in its arsenal. Learn more about Feel Secure with San Antonio, Texas Mobile Patrol Services.

A mobile patrol service will provide 24-hour patrol service within the city limits. This includes all parts of the city, excluding the specified zones, in San Antonio. Many of the larger cities throughout Texas have been plagued by a crime wave that has placed residents in danger. In San Antonio, however, crime has decreased over the last few years. It is believed that the decrease in crime is due in part to the increasing number of police officers on the street. With more time on their hands, police officers are able to perform the regular day-to-day duties that keep residents living in San Antonio safely.