Security guards are a crucial part of any business, and the difference between armed and unarmed security guards is an important one to consider. Armed security guards can be more intimidating and could potentially scare off potential thieves. Unarmed security guards might be better for people who work in areas with low crime levels or other problems. However, once you decide what type of guard you want on your property, it’s important to do your research about which company will provide the best service for you. Learn more here.

Unarmed security guards are a common sight in many places. They can be found at schools, businesses, and other public places. There are several reasons why someone might choose to use an unarmed security guard instead of an armed guard. The main reason is cost. Unarmed security guards are generally much less expensive than armed guards. They also don’t require the same training as armed guards do. This makes them a good option for smaller businesses or organizations that can’t afford to hire an armed guard. Another advantage of unarmed security guards is that they can often blend in with the crowd more easily than armed guards can. Learn more about Why Engage Unarmed Security Guards.