Corporate investigations can be expensive. The cost of corporate investigations is often high, but the prices also depend on the investigation type.  For example, suppose you need to perform a corporate examination with only one company involved. In that case, your costs will be lower than if you need to investigate multiple companies in an industry or region at once. Information can be found here.

A corporate investigation is a process of investigating activities that happen during a company’s business hours. A person who examines corporate affairs is an “internal corporate investigator” or corporate fraud investigator. When companies suspect that their employees are engaging in any activity which could be considered illegal, they will begin to look into these matters and carry out investigations about this suspicion. These investigations can include: interviewing witnesses, interrogating suspects, and analyzing evidence relevant to the case. See here for information about The Corporate Investigation: What to Expect.


The cost of an internal investigation is typically less than the cost of a public inquiry.

Corporate investigations are often better at keeping information private, but they can take longer to resolve issues due to confidentiality concerns. Public cases will likely move faster because there is no restriction on what details can be made known publicly about an event or issue.

An internal corporate investigation may also include multiple employees working together to conduct interviews and research for evidence that could be presented in court if needed by the company’s legal team during civil litigation proceedings against the accused party(ies). The corporate investigators should also provide important background information such as prior allegations against current employees, past disciplinary action taken against those found guilty of misconduct, and any correspondence with outside parties related to complaints filed against the accused.

The cost of an external investigation depends on several factors. The corporate investigation industry reports that the average price for a corporate analysis is $27,000 and can range from less than $15,000 to more than $60,000 in some cases. In addition to this figure being significantly lower without much effort when it’s done internally, investigates can move much faster as there isn’t any red tape or bureaucracy required when working with your staff members.