One of the best things about having Unarmed Officers Services in Houston, Texas, is serving the community. They are trained and certified to carry firearms for protection and as a resource for the community. The training allows them to be discreet when on duty and take care of the community and protect them when needed. Unarmed officers can stop unlawful activities and have a better response time than any officer on duty can give. Visit this link for more information.


The Texas Department of Public Safety puts on an annual training seminar for the officers of their state. These seminars are designed to train law-abiding citizens how to be unarmed and protective service officers. The training is available online, but if you live in Houston, TX, and want to attend a seminar, you can go to the DPS Office or request online training. You can expect to learn the same information that is taught at your local police academy. Although there is no certification required, most Texas law enforcement agencies require a high school diploma or the completion of a GED program. Read about The Several Services Offered by Unarmed Officers  in Houston, Texas here. 

There is also a reserve program for those who want to become an Unarmed Service officer. This program gives active duty, retired, and retired military personnel to participate. This program has been successful in helping many military people achieve success in their careers. The training is offered in classroom sessions as well as online courses. If you are interested in pursuing this career, you should contact your local DPS office and see what training and terms they offer. Texas is a great state to live and work in, so why not consider becoming an Unarmed Service Officer.