Houston, Texas is the third largest city in Texas, stretching from coast to coast. It is closely connected with the Space Center Houston, an aerospace museum that is part of the NASA space program. The city’s relatively small downtown includes the Theater District, which house the famed Houston Grand Opera, and historic downtown areas including Third Ward, Third Avenue, Houston Street, rose lanes, Houstonstreets, s and downtown Discovery Place. There are also neighborhoods such as South Main, Downtown Disney, River Oaks, MacGregor-Riverside, First Ward and downtown Civic Center. Information can be found here.

Houston, Texas has some of the best places to live or visit, especially considering the amount of attractions and activities Houston offers to tourists and residents alike. There are a number of cities in Texas rich in historical architecture, culture and art, but Houston is one of the most modern and largest cities in Texas. It is ranked fifth among the states in population and fifth in the United States in terms of per capita income. See here for information about What Are Some Things to See and Do In Hedwig Village, Texas.

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