The citizens of Austin, Texas are proud of the professional and skilled services provided by the Armed Forces Staff Chaplaincy in their city. As a trusted and respected resource for military retirees, Austin is the perfect place for military families to live, visit and or work in comfort while focusing on community service. The Armed Forces Chaplaincy in Austin, Texas helps members of the Armed Forces in their personal interests and assists in their community activities as well. The Armed Guards Service in Austin, Texas can assist in the placement and education of eligible candidates who have successfully completed all steps in the recruiting process. Click here for facts about Austin, TX.


When choosing the right candidates to fill out an eligibility package, the Armed Forces Chaplaincy will look at a number of criteria including age, rank, and service history. They will also review whether the candidate is physically fit and will do an evaluation of that candidate’s leadership skills as well. The Armed Guards Service in Austin, Texas looks at a number of factors in selecting their candidates and utilizes several steps to evaluate a candidate’s suitability for service in their community. Information about How Can Armed Guards Services in Austin, Texas Protect You? can be found here. 

The Armed Guards Service in Austin, Texas will utilize the most current database and ensure that each eligible candidate is contacted to schedule interviews and receive induction as soon as possible. Once a qualified candidate receives an invitation to attend an interview, he/she must: meet all qualification requirements; provide written confirmation of acceptance; pass background, criminal, and drug checks; submit a signed enlistment agreement and pay the required expenses (if applicable). Candidates who successfully complete the interview and are accepted into the service can expect to be deployed immediately. Armed Guards Services in Austin, Texas provides many benefits to eligible candidates who choose to join the Armed Forces in addition to a generous retirement plan and medical coverage.