An Unarmed Officers Services in Houston Texas provides a non-lethal, but effective service to the community. They are also trained in all aspects of law enforcement and can be contacted for on-call security and patrol services 24 hours a day. They assist the community with security patrol, home security, and non-emergency assistance. The companies are committed to helping the public understand what they are, what they do, and how they help. Learn more here.


Unarmed officers are specially trained not to shoot unless they are threatened in an aggressive manner. This includes shooting at a would-be attacker who has no weapon or is reaching for their gun. In other words, if they are in a situation where you feel that someone is threatening you or your family, they will immediately call over on their radio and alert the authorities. Learn more about Services of Unarmed Officers in Houston, TX Advantages.

There are many benefits to hiring Unarmed officers services response teams. Not only are they very effective for security and patrol services in the Houston area, but they also make great community goodwill partners. The company strives to keep everyone happy by serving your community as a responsive partner by providing security, safety and care to those in need. They are trained not to shoot unless they are in immediate physical danger. If you are interested in learning more about this amazing and helpful service, contact the Houston Police Department and visit their website.