Woodlands, Texas

After George P. Mitchell, an investor in the oil industry, attended a seminar on leveraging the HUD Title VII program to construct new towns, organized by the Rouse Company subsidiary American City Corporation and Columbia, Maryland’s developer, The Woodlands was born. George P. Mitchell gave it a dedication speech in 1974, and The Woodlands Corporation now oversees it as a division of Mitchell Energy & Development. Mitchell, a tycoon in the oil industry, had plans to build a conference center, hotels, office parks, shopping complexes, schools, golf courses, and big distribution hubs. The cost of the homes would range from affordable to pricey and spacious. Mitchell planned the development to “entice city slickers looking for far-flung suburban quality of life,” according to Bill Schadewald of the Houston Business Journal. The Geography of Woodlands, Texas plays a significant role in shaping its economy and culture.

On July 31, 1997, a joint venture between Morgan Stanley and Crescent Real Estate Equities purchased The Woodlands Corporation. Crescent’s shareholding was acquired by Rouse Company in December 2003, then on November 12, 2004, General Growth Properties acquired Rouse. The Woodlands was offered for sale to the Howard Hughes Development Corporation in 2011.
The Grogan-Cochran Lumber Mill once stood on the site, giving rise to the so-called “villages” of Grogan’s Mill and Cochran’s Crossing.

Many of the planning ideas and design consultants used in other renowned new communities of the time, like Columbia, Maryland, Irvine Ranch, California, and Reston, Virginia, were incorporated into the initial planning. An influential landscape architect, educator, and author of the ground-breaking book Design With Nature, Ian McHarg, was a proponent of environmental design ideas that were incorporated into the original development plan.

2012 saw the U.S. In order for the area encompassing The Woodlands and Conroe to qualify for federal transportation subsidies, the Census Bureau identified it as a “large urbanized transit area,” which is defined as having more than 200,000 persons.

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