Woodlands, Texas

The Woodlands has 93,847 residents as of the 2010 U.S. Census. According to a survey by The Howard Hughes Corporation, its population in 2021 was expected to be 119,000. In the CDP, there were 114,436 people, 41,210 households, and 31,063 families residing as of the 2020 United States Census. 77.3% of The Woodlands’ population was white (non-Hispanic and Hispanic or Latino), 4.2% was black or African American, 0.1% was American Indian and Alaska Native, 6.7% was Asian, 0.1% was Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, 9.1% was of two or more races, 17.9% was Hispanic or Latino, and 67.9% was white (non-Hispanic and Hispanic or Latino). Demographic changes have also impacted Woodland’s Economy and Culture.

The Woodlands racial composition as of 2020
(NH = Non-Hispanic)
Race Number Percentage
White (NH) 74,477 65.08%
Black or African American (NH) 3,946 3.45%
Native American or Alaska Native (NH) 215 0.19%
Asian (NH) 9,085 7.94%
Pacific Islander (NH) 78 0.07%
Some Other Race (NH) 602 0.53%
Mixed/Multi-Racial (NH) 5,065 4.43%
Hispanic or Latino 20,968 18.32%
Total 114,436

Over 10,000 The Woodlands people, or 10% of the total population, were of Mexican descent as of 2017. Rich Mexicans started purchasing vacation homes in The Woodlands in 2000. During the Mexican Drug War, which lasted from 2006 to 2014, many people relocated to The Woodlands. Middle and high class Hispanics and Latinos, notably Mexican nationals, grew in population by 2006. Some of the residents were given Houston as a job assignment by their employers. Some of them relocated to The Woodlands in search of better educational opportunities for their kids while escaping rising crime and political unrest brought on by the Mexican presidential race.

In The Woodlands’ elementary and junior high schools of the Conroe Independent School District during the academic year 2013–2014, 22% of the pupils were Hispanic or Latin American. In instance, the percentages increased in Glen Loch, Lamar, and Tough primary schools, up from 10.5% in the 2005–2006 academic year. The percentage at The Woodlands Conroe ISD schools in 2013–2014 was lower than the district’s overall Hispanic average of 34.2%.

Viva! is the motto of the Latino and Hispanic community. The Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and The Woodlands are both covered by the Spanish-language The Woodlands Magazine. The Woodlands area churches frequently offer certain services in Spanish.

In 2000, there were 19,881 homes, 15,546 families, and 55,649 people overall. There were 21,014 dwelling units with an average density of 897.7 per square mile. There were 2,328.4 people per square mile. There were 92.36% White people, 1.75% Black people, 0.29% Native Americans, 2.80% Asian people, 0.05% Pacific Islanders, 1.43% people of other races, and 1.32% people who identified as two or more races. Of all races, 28% of people were Hispanic or Latino.

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