Sugar Land, Texas

Located 20 miles southwest of Houston’s central business district in northeast Fort Bend County, Sugar Land. To the northeast is Houston, while to the east are Stafford, Missouri City, and Meadows Place. The city of Sugar Land has a total area of 34.0 square miles, of which 32.4 square miles are land and 1.6 square miles, or 4.82%, are covered by water, according to the United States Census Bureau. Most of the city lies between 70 and 90 feet above sea level in elevation. Sugar Land Regional Airport (SGR) is located 82 feet above sea level.

Two significant streams pass through Sugar Land. The Brazos River, which flows into Brazoria County, was developed along its southern and southwest edges. Oyster Creek flows into Missouri City from the northwest through the eastern edge of the city limits. As part of new master-planned communities, Sugar Land developers have constructed numerous artificial lakes with connections to Oyster Creek or the Brazos River.

The rate of subsidence in Sugar Land and the neighboring areas is accelerating. Sugar Land Demography is diverse: over 40% of residents identify as Asian American and almost one-third identify as White or Caucasian. Between 1943 and 1964, the region subsided by around 1 foot, and between 1988 and 2016, it subsided by more than 6 feet. At the moment, Sugar Land is thought to be receding at a pace of between 10 and 25 millimeters each year. Climate change, greater suburban expansion, and insufficient replenishment all contribute to the subsidence. The human cost of the sinking is substantial. For instance, because to the effect, Hurricane Harvey’s historic flooding was worse than it would have been otherwise, and houses and other structures in the city are sinking and having their foundations compromised. The Fort Bend Subsidence District was established in 1989 by the Texas State Legislature to control the fast escalating subsidence.

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