Southside Place, Texas is one of the largest communities of Houston in west Texas. It is also one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas with the second-most population growth out of all the cities of Texas in the Texas Demography Center’s twenty-five Anniversary Study. The community is located near Conroe, Texas. Southside Place boasts a rich history with notable events such as the First City Bankruptcy Ceremony, the centennial celebration of the centennial anniversary of Southside Place Branch, the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Humble Oil Refinery, and the seventy-fifth anniversary of the City’s incorporation. Further facts about Houston, TX can be found here.

Southside Place features some of the best historical architecture in the state of Texas. Many of the older buildings still stand and are still in good condition with some very interesting facades. There are over one hundred buildings in the main community that is still standing and active, and another one hundred and fifty buildings in the area of downtown Houston that are also still standing and used by Southside Place residents. The City of Houston has worked hard to preserve the history and quality of life for its citizens and visitors. Information about Piney Point Village, Texas – A Popular Place For A Vacation in Texas can be found here.


Southside Place was a planned community that was established to provide a haven for working-class families. There are many public elementary schools, parks, and recreation areas. The community is served by two major electric power plants that provide lighting and power for all the different services. The City of southside place was ranked third in the Texas Monthly Business Report and was named the best community in the Texas Monthly Business Guide.