Piney Point Village, TX, is Magical

Piney Point Village is a small city in Harris County, Texas. It is known to be part of the green, leafy parts of Texas. It is part of Western Houston residencies known as the memorial villages. The area has a small population of about 3,000 people, as per the 2010 census. A town is lovely, and I am confident it is a place you would like to be. Learn more facts here.

Top Sites in Piney Point Village, TX

Despite being small in a square area, Piney point village, TX has several top sites. While in the city, there is no shortage of tourist attractions. With sites such as the Buffalo Bayou with bats, alligators, a river, and a reservoir. Hedwig Park is a lovely garden to go and have a relaxing afternoon with your family. Join the members of the community and have a fun time. Read about Hedwig Village, Texas is A Modest Place for Everyone here.

Wealthiest Place in Texas

Piney Point Village, TX is the wealthiest city in the whole state of Texas in per capita income ranking. The neighborhood is serene, a great place to look to if you are searching for a new home. 

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