Pasadena, Texas

The Pasadena Historical Museum is one of the city’s several museums. In addition, Pasadena hosts a yearly rodeo, a community theater, and the Pasadena Philharmonic. The Pasadena Citizen is the local paper.

In 2005, the Champion paper factory was shut down. The title “Pasa-get-down-dena” has been used for several country music songs, including one by Kenefick from their album “Hard Road.”

Strawberry Festival

To assist Galveston storm victims in 1900, Clara Barton of the American Red Cross bought 1.5 million strawberry plants and shipped them to Pasadena. These crops had prospered to the point where Pasadena was claiming the title of Strawberry Capital of the World by the 1930s. The city’s strawberry farmers sent up to 28 train carloads of strawberries each day at their peak. The Pasadena Strawberry Festival is still held annually in recognition of its history. In the vicinity of where the previous strawberry fields were grown, Strawberry Road traverses much of the city. In 2008, 56,000 people attended the annual Strawberry Festival.

Pasadena Philharmonic Society and Orchestra

Together, the Pasadena Philharmonic Society and Orchestra represent two organizations. Members of the neighborhood who support classical music and the fine arts make up the Society. The Orchestra is made up of selected high school kids, college students, and area performers and music educators. In the autumn of 1982, the Orchestra performed for the first time. Since then, the Philharmonic has presented performances.

With a population of over 150,000 residents, It is home to people from all walks of life and Pasadena culture from many different backgrounds.
When we take a closer look at the demographics of Pasadena, we see that it has a relatively even split between males and females. In terms of age groups, there are slightly more individuals aged 18-34 than any other age group. This suggests that Pasadena may be an attractive place for young professionals to live and work.

Another important aspect to consider when examining the demography of Pasadena Texas is race and ethnicity. The majority (over 60%) identify as Hispanic or Latino, followed by White (30%) and African American (7%).

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