In Texas, as in most states, carrying a weapon without arms is against the law. Unarmed Officers Services in Houston Texas is an invaluable service to the community, and they are a great resource for unarmed officers who are on duty at night or in volatile situations.  Having an Unarmed Officers Services in Houston gives the peace of mind that you will be protected in your home and on your way. Information can be found here.


Unarmed officers services have many benefits to offer. If an officer suspects a person may be in danger, without knowing if there are weapons present, the officer can call for an unarmed patrol car to accompany him or her. If an officer is not comfortable in his or her vehicle with someone who has fired a shot or is in a dangerous area, he or she can pull over a person to the side of the road, while giving the driver instructions about traveling safety. Texas unarmed officers’ safety is ensured every day when they have the backup of officers who are trained to protect them and will do so legally. See here for information about The 3 Duties of an Unarmed Officer Services in Houston, TX.

To become an officer in any of the security companies in Houston Texas, you need to pass the basic training courses. This training can take as little as eight weeks from the date of enrolling if you are enrolled full time. This is also because most of these departments do not require you to be certified to become a part of their services. The officers services in Houston are also well aware of the fact that many people in the neighborhood do not like to make noise and will consequently call the police when they spot something suspicious. Therefore, they also ensure that their officers are well equipped with proper weapons and equipment to tackle situations accordingly.