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Our mission is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, who always come first. Providing complete and satisfactory service in security and Investigations.

Our Unique Business Approach:

Ranger Guard and Investigations knows the importance of using our knowledge and experience to keep our clients as safe as possible. Ranger Guard uses the latest and most advanced technology to monitor for accountability, patrol activity and provide our clients with precise information about their facility and our output. Reports pertaining to guard activity or incident management can be submitted to the client daily or weekly.

Our Officers:

Ranger Guard and Investigations takes the time to process each individual officer to ensure that we choose only the best to represent our name and protect our clients. Many of them are former Law Enforcement officers or Military Veterans. Our guards are all state certified, licensed and insured. Ranger Guards are fully trained in defense tactics, anti-terrorism and customer service. All of our guards also maintain a professional appearance including clean pressed uniforms with identifying credentials, polished shoes, neatly groomed hair and facial hair.

Our Approach to Security:

We found that enforcement through reinforcement is a much stronger and effective approach. Our guards are able to make those around them feel more confident and comfortable by being approachable sources of information to people. They are able to produce positive communication and feelings of community and safety, as well as the ability to de-escalate potentially volatile situations.

Patrol Procedures:

Efficient patrols are extremely important to maintaining high levels of safety. Ranger Guards diligently practice highly visible patrols whether on foot or in a patrol car. Patrols are monitored through technology and patterns are random, making it almost impossible to identify a pattern, leaving open opportunity for criminal activity.

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