Conroe, Texas

Numerous art venues are located in the Central Business District of downtown Conroe. The Crighton Theatre, which debuted on November 26, 1935, is the oldest. The theater bears Harry M. Crighton’s name; he served as mayor of Conroe from 1932 to 1933. Up until 1967, the theater served as the neighborhood’s movie theater before becoming dilapidated. It underwent renovation in 1979, and today it presents live theater events. The district also houses the Owen Theatre, another theater. Conroe Founder’s Plaza and Heritage Place are outdoor performance venues in the Central Business District that regularly hold festivals.

The Greater Conroe Arts Alliance is one of the arts organizations that the city financially supports. The Conroe Symphony, the Conroe Art League, and the Montgomery County Choral Society are just a few of the many local arts organizations that make up the Alliance. The Young Texas Artists Music Competition is another event that the Alliance and the state of Texas jointly organize. Young artists who want to pursue careers in classical music are featured in the competition, which was launched in 1983. 13 stone benches that were spread across the central business district were transformed into pieces of art as part of the Art Bench Project, which the city supported in 2009. From historical personalities like George Strake and Charles B. Stewart to contemporary art groups like the Crighton Players, each bench depicts a distinct aspect of Conroe’s history and culture.

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