Bryan, Texas

The artsy side of Bryan may come as a surprise with the abundance of murals, galleries, studios, and events held throughout the year, but it’s one of the features of our community we’re most proud of! Although Historic Downtown Bryan, an official Texas Cultural District, is where the majority of the city’s artistic activity is concentrated, you can find creative people working everywhere else as well.

The arts are in a true renaissance in Bryan, Texas. From exhibitions of local artists at The Village Cafe and The Stella Hotel to live music at Lake Walk and The Grand Stafford Theater, from lessons and the First Saturday Art Fair at DeGallery to wine label design competitions at Messina Hof Winery & Resort.

Bryan is a town of about 85,000 inhabitants, but due to its close-knit culture, it seems even smaller. Korey Thomas’ The Remnant from Nawlins is one of numerous restaurants and shops in the town that represent various ethnicities. The Remnant is the result of a society. On the outskirts of Bryan, the eatery delivers a taste of New Orleans, but it also has other amenities. On Sundays, The Remnant also serves as a church. Thomas and his family are the owners and operators of both the church and the eatery. After Hurricane Katrina destroyed Thomas’ hometown of New Orleans in 2005, he relocated to Bryan, but the move was essentially an accident.

Here, live music is a big component of everyday life. The Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra entertains audiences and frequently invites renowned artists as special guests. The Brazos Valley Chorale performs a variety of music with 100 voices, ranging from elderly to college students. The Memorial Student Center Opera and Performing Arts Society (MSC OPAS) at Texas A&M University has provided notable musical acts among its entertainment offerings for the past 50 years. More than 1,300 students participate regularly in bands, orchestras, and choral organizations under Texas A&M’s Department of Music Activities. And performers from the country, jazz, rock, and hip-hop genres fill venues throughout the region. The City of Bryan obtained Music certification at the beginning of 2022.

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