Robstown, Texas is a unique town in Texas, located about east of San Antonio, in the south Texas Plain. Robstown is a small town, just south of Conroe, Texas. Robstown’s name was given from Driscoll, who was an early settler in Texas. Robstown has grown since its early days, becoming a major farming area, now considered an urban area, though the original intent of its founding still lives on. Robstown has a very diverse population, consisting mostly of Irish, Mexican, K.I.S.S., Chinese, and Spanish immigrants. Learn information about Corpus Christi, TX.

Robstown was originally built by entrepreneur Sam Hinkle, who is said to have constructed the first courthouse in Texas, at the time, on land that he bought (it was later turned into a park). According to legend, Hinkle was so impressed with Robstown’s amazing prosperity that he began buying up other properties around the area, just so that he could become involved in the development. Hinkle built a Texas National Bank branch in Robstown, which he named Waverly Trust. Sam Hinkle died in World War II, never having seen his once-great town of Robstown, Texas. Yet despite his passing, Waverly Trust and Robstown, Texas is still beloved by residents and tourists alike. The Texas State Lottery also uses Robstown as one of its playing sites. Discover facts about Portland, Texas – What You Should Know About This City.

Robstown, Texas is located along the Texas Commerce highway I-35E, also known as the Robstown Expressway. This six hundred miles long road, which connects Houston to Corpus Christi, Texas, is toll-free and runs through seven toll stations including Nacogdoches, Texarkana, Laredo, Texarkana, San Antonio, and Orange Beach. On each toll road are a six-lane highway and one-half mile wide. No matter where you travel along the highway, you will see no less than seventy lanes of traffic, which means plenty of opportunities for you to snap some photos and snap some videos while you’re here! In addition to the Texas National Bank branch, there are also the Texas Mafia Museum, Robstown Historical Society Museum, Texas Genealogy Society Museum, the Texas History Museum, Robstown Memorial Association, Robstown Historical Society, and the Texas Motor Speedway.