Rio Grande Valley, Texas

Historically, the Valley has depended on agriculture and tourism. Its main crops are cotton, grapefruit, sorghum, maize, and sugarcane. The area is also Texas’ most significant vegetable production zone and the citrus production center. International bridges have made it possible for citizens of Mexico to shop, sell, and do business in the border communities along the Rio Grande in recent decades, while the creation of maquiladoras has led to a rush in industrial development along the border. South Padre Island’s location encourages tourists, especially during Spring Break because of the island’s subtropical environment, which maintains temperatures mild all year. Many seniors come throughout the winter to take advantage of the mild weather, the availability of prescription drugs, and access to healthcare at border crossings with Mexico.

The majority of the citrus fruit produced in Texas, which is the third-largest producer in the nation, is cultivated in the Rio Grande Valley. Over 70% of the Valley’s citrus harvest, which also includes Meyer lemon, orange, tangerine, and tangelo output each Winter, is made up of grapefruit.

The Rio Grande Valley Vipers (basketball) and Rio Grande Valley FC Toros (soccer) are two minor-league professional sports organizations that compete there. The Edinburg Roadrunners (baseball), La Fiera FC (indoor soccer), Rio Grande Valley Ocelots FC (soccer), Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings (baseball), Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees (ice hockey), and Rio Grande Valley Sol (indoor football) are some of the region’s former active clubs.

The semi-tropical wildlife is one of the primary tourist draws in the Rio Grande Valley, with birds and butterflies being particularly popular among visitors throughout the region. As a result, ecotourism has become a significant contributor to the local economy.

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