The USS Lexington was the second ship in the Pacific Fleet, a part of the Pacific Fleet (later known as the Southwest Pacific Fleet) of the United States Navy. This ship was sunk during a battle with the Japanese Imperial Fleet. This ship served with distinction during World War II. She was also on duty in the Pacific as part of Task Force 75, which was one of the largest battleships ever built. Lexington played a major role in the Battle of Midway and was also there when the Japanese Battleship Musashi sunk during Operation Olympic. Learn information about Corpus Christi, TX.

In addition to her war record, this warship also had a distinguished service history which included escorting oil tankers in the Pacific, being part of the carrier strike group that included the USS Enterprise, taking part in the Second Sino-American Naval War, and being a part of the invasion force for Operation Husky. After the war, she was has renamed USS Missouri. In aBesidese Lexington also was on active duty at the Battle of Pearl Harbor, participating in the bombardment of Japan. At the time, this was the largest bombardment by a US Navy vessel, and she was also part of the Carrier Air Group which was assassinated to protect and escort the USS Enterprise during its passage through the Pacific. Discover facts about Appreciate Flowers at Viewpoint of the Flower in Corpus Christi, TX.

The ship was decommissioned when the USS Missouri was commissioned, and in the aftermath, she has renamed the USS Christina Amelia. She served as a cruiser until she was decommissioned again after the Second World War ended. After this time, she was sold and finally became a scrap metal piece. Since the time she was decommissioned, she has been on display and available to the public. Recently, the wreck of the USS Lexington was discovered in a bay in Corpus Christi, TX, and will soon be placed back on display in this area. Visitors to this site can also be able to explore the history of the ship and take a tour through the ship and the historic battle that took place.