The growth of Texas oil and gas has led to an influx of Texas armed security personnel into the Corpus Christi area. Since being transferred from the Middle East, Middle Eastern oil-security issues have plagued this portion of Texas for many years. Corpus Christi security forces are charged with protecting the city from “shady” land investors. Inevitably, many of these investors were also Middle Eastern and therefore posed a security risk. In Corpus Christi armed security guards are also responsible for protecting oil platforms and refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. Learn information about Corpus Christi, TX here.


Since there is no organized law enforcement in Texas, security personnel must rely on their own skills and experience to help protect people and property. This is not easy in a big city like Houston, with its reputation as being the city of steel. Luckily, the Texas Department of Public Safety has put together a team of cops that include street officers, uniformed officers, highway patrol units, and specialty units like forensic scientists. The Texas Department of Public Safety even has a specialized unit that trains security guards on how to use deadly force. So what does it take to become one of the Texas Armed Security Division’s Texas Security Guards? Discover facts about Armed Security in Corpus Christi, Texas Will Ensure Your Safety.

To become one of the Texas Armed Security Guards you have to first undergo training. There are numerous training institutes across Texas that offer this type of training and one can choose the right one depending on the requirements of his/her career. The course work includes subjects like terrorism awareness, personal safety, weapon usage, first aid procedures, crime scene analysis, and so on. A security guard is expected to be able to identify all possible threats and then take the appropriate measures to subdue any danger.