A Great Place to Explore Nature – South Texas Botanical Gardens, and Nature Center in Corpus Christi

The Corpus Christi Botanical Garden & Nature Center, commonly known as the South Texas Botanical Garden and Nature Center, is a private, 180-acre natural botanical garden and natural resource center located on 8545 South Staples Avenue, in Corpus Christi, TX. It is open to the public every day; an entrance fee is required for all visitors. Visitors can visit during the day or at night. This beautiful facility has been dedicated by the City of Corpus Christi to serve as a natural and educational park. The centerpiece of the park is its main building, a stately and attractive structure with large circular glass-walled windows that give an old-world feeling. Inside, a natural garden is designed around a large fenced area that holds many exhibits, as well as a children’s playground. Visit this link for more information.

In addition to the main building, there is another small structure known as the Children’s Zoo. The zoo houses a zoo for smaller children and a butterfly house that children can visit when they are visiting the botanical gardens. There is also a picnic area where kids can relax while enjoying a good meal with their family. The Botanical gardens and nature centers in the park have over five acres of land, and they were designed around the theme of botany and agriculture. The botanists who worked on the project included professionals from various botany schools in the United States. The Botanical gardens feature species of flowers and trees such as the Blue Butterfly, the Black Tulip, and the White Pine. Read about Get Relaxed by Bird Watching – The Suter Wildlife Refuge in Corpus Christi, TX here.

The Botanical gardens and nature centers in the Corpus Christi park are a haven for children and adults. Many of the displays and exhibits feature specimens and plants native to different parts of the country. Visitors can purchase tickets and other information about the various plants, trees, and flowers at these facilities. Several children’s activities are also available. This is a great place to relax and spend time with the entire family. The Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens and Nature Center are open to the public on weekends only from October through March and May and October through June, but open to the public every day, no matter what. The City of Corpus Christi provides free admission to the public during the summer season.