Armed Security in Corpus Christi, TX, offers professional surveillance equipment and services to local and national clients. Its mission is to exceed customer expectations by providing the highest level of personal security. They pride themselves on their commitment to protecting and serving their communities and their members. Information can be found here.


The most crucial advantage to hiring an Armed Security in Corpus Christi, Texas, is to guarantee that they will assign you a highly experienced, professional security officer with a background check. Armed Security has over a hundred thousand former military personnel and police officers in their roles. A large number of retired or active-duty military personnel are now working as security officers. See here for information about The Extensive Corpus Christi, Texas Armed Security Guard Training.

The second most important advantage is that they perform all the background checks on their own. They do not do a national database to collect or maintain information. Armed Security in Corpus Christi, TX, is committed to offering the best quality customer service, exceptional products, and pricing. All the information comes directly from the member companies and is maintained in-house. Above all, the security officer will work closely with you throughout the employment process and post-employment drug screening. Their security guards are committed to maintaining a safe environment for both their citizens and visitors. If you have questions or need information about employment drug screening or other services, please contact them at any time.