Kennedale Texas is one of the most popular Texas attractions for people traveling to the Lone Star State for a vacation or job opportunity. Kennedale is a thriving community in Tarrant County located south of Dallas. The city had an estimated population of 8,568 as of 2021. There are many things to do in Kennedale, Texas including fun theme parks and family attractions that will keep visitors coming back. Further facts about Fort Worth, TX can be found here.


One of the many activities available in the Cedar Creek Theme Park located in Kennedale. Visitors can enjoy the adventures of the Wooden Mountain Railroad as they travel along the track within the park. The Cedar Creek theme park also offers many different types of rides such as a zip line and other adventure rides. It’s also a great place for a picnic and to have a nice family day out. The Cedar Creek Resort has a great laid-back atmosphere and offers many relaxing experiences like swimming in the ocean and is taking a tour around the property. Other notable Texas Attractions in Kennedale are the Texas Rangers Museum, the Lackland AFB Museum, the Museum of Texas History, the Dallas Cowboys’ NFL Stadium, and the Texas Horse Racing Hall of Fame & Casino. The Texas Horse Racing Hall of Fame & Casino is home to the first two equine races in Texas while the Texas Rangers Museum is home to many pieces of Texas history including the Stonehenge Stone statue. The Laredo Historical Society Museum is also located nearby. Kennedale is also home to the North Texas Zoo, the Historic Downtown Kennedale District, and the Texas Children’s Museum. For those interested in nature, the city is known for being the state capital for wildlife. Kennedale has plenty of lakes, rivers, and other natural attractions to keep visitors and tourists entertained. Information about Haltom City Texas – A Great Place to Be can be found here. 

Another popular attraction in the city is the Walt Disney Theme Park located in Downtown Kennedy City. The park is divided into two sections namely Downtown Disney and the Disney-MGM Studios. In the downtown area, visitors can find the Bio Cafe, a restaurant that serves foods and drinks inspired by Disney. The studio section of the park features the Walt Disney World Theater, the Movie Kingdom, and Pleasure Island. It also has several attractions like the Enchanted Tiki Room and Mission Space.