A job with the Armed Security Division is a great career choice for those who are looking for security guard jobs in Texas. The average Armed Security Guard salary in Fort Worth, TX, as of November 25, 2021, is $32, 172 but the salary range is likely to fall between $27,913 and $30,715. Salary ranges may vary significantly depending on several important factors, such as certification, education, years of experience, the number of years in your current career, and so on. The most highly paid guards will usually have access to the most comprehensive benefits package. Some armed security guards are paid in addition to base salary. Learn more here.


An Armed Security Guard’s job description generally includes screening citizens and persons of security importance and transporting them to designated secure locations. Guards are sometimes also called upon to help or monitor the general public. Their typical work involves escorting celebrities, members of the media, sports teams, and special events. Depending on the job description you received when you were hired, you may also have the opportunity to have access to classified information or be required to wear an identification bracelet that will allow you to gain access to all government buildings and to protect yourself from the dangers of “freeze-outs” that often occur in areas where law enforcement is searching for suspects. Learn more about The High-End Fort Worth, TX Armed Security Services.

The second-highest level on the pay scale is a patrol officer. A patrol officer is not a full-time employee of an Armed Security in Fort Worth, Texas. Instead, he or she is a part-time employee who is called in whenever Fort Worth residents require the help of an Armed Security in Fort Worth, Texas. A patrol officer can perform many of the same duties as a security guard, which include the protection of buildings and individuals. Depending on your job description as a part-time or full-time Fort Worth Armed Security in Fort Worth, Texas, you may also have the chance to work on a detail that involves responding to domestic disputes or other life-threatening situations.