The Fort Worth Botanical Garden is an amazing botanical garden situated on the grounds of the University of Texas at Arlington. The original garden was founded in 1932 and is now the fourth-largest botanical garden in Texas. It is situated in the middle of the cultural district, which is known for its restaurants, shopping, arts and crafts, and entertainment. There are many activities for the entire family to enjoy including a children’s playground, walking trails, and a water fountain. You can also enjoy the beautiful flowers found in the garden and the numerous activities that take place here. Children love to be outdoors so they have a fun time here. There are also activities and educational programs that take place during the summer months. Learn more here.

The Fort Worth Botanical Garden has been featured in several television shows. You can watch an episode on the Discovery Channel or a video on NBC. During the winter months, the park is open to visitors who wish to explore the plants and flowers found in their lush landscaping. You can find a winter wonderland of frozen ponds, snow-capped trees, and flower beds. During the spring, the garden is flooded with beautiful flowers and trees that begin to grow again after a few months of snowfall. The garden is one of the most well-known attractions of the University of Texas at Arlington. Learn more about The Gorgeous Tandy Hills Natural Area in Fort Worth, Texas. 

While you are visiting the Fort Worth Botanical Garden in Texas you will also enjoy other attractions such as the Perot Museum of Nature and History, the Texas Science Center, and the Alamo Drafthouse theater. The Texas State Museum allows you to experience the beauty of nature. The world-famous Alamo Drafthouse theater offers several types of live performances for people to enjoy. When you visit Fort Worth, you will be able to experience the richness and culture of this great city. You can visit the botanic gardens, the natural history museum, and the movies and concerts.