Edgecliff Village Texas is a quaint community nestled between two busy counties in Texas. It is the largest planned community in Texas and is considered to be a complete community with all services and choices for real estate purchase and sale, including schools, shopping, doctors, dentists, lawyers, physicians, police, and fire departments. It is also home to a small country club. Edgecliff Village was built on a beautiful piece of land that had been acquired by the developer in increments of thirty years. The community has seen a steady growth of about thirteen thousand people over the past fifteen years. Information can be found here.


Edgecliff Village was created to provide a healthy environment for residents and to attract new residents to the region of Fort Worth, Texas. It was designed to bring people into the city of Fort Worth by offering a combination of upscale living and convenience while still being able to remain close to nature. There are seven main streets in the community that contains restaurants, stores, banks, credit unions, salons, public libraries, and Edgecliff Golf Club. The average age in the neighborhood is fifty, with a little over eight thousand people calling this area home. Edgecliff Village has the distinction of being the only community in Texas located entirely within Fort Worth, so it enjoys a convenient location for anyone who wishes to live in this unique area. See here for information about Interesting Facts About Crowley, Texas.

Residents of Edgecliff Village enjoy a limited amount of freedom but an abundant amount of choices. This community is strategically located near two major thoroughfares in Fort Worth, Texas: I-iled and Beltway Drive. The area is close enough to I-illed that it is accessible from I-illa and Beltway Drive. Because the village is located near busy streets, it is sometimes difficult to get to your destination if you need to use a personal transportation vehicle, like a car, train, plane or bus. Residents in Edgecliff Village can take advantage of a twenty-four-hour security service, which guarantees that residents will be able to get to their places on time and without any hiccups. In addition to the convenience of living in Edgecliff Village, Texas, you also have access to affordable real estate.