The Dallas County Courthouse is located on 100 South Main Street in downtown Dallas, Texas, which is conveniently located near major transportation hubs such as the Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport, downtown Dallas’ downtown business district, downtown Dallas’ convention center, and the University of North Texas Medical School. Built-in red brick, the Dallas County Courthouse is a historic public building originally built in 1892 with red brick and granite accents. It was named the Old Blue Courthouse after a blue sky in the night sky. It also became the Old Blue Museum, an art gallery, in 2020. The courthouse is surrounded by parks, the Dallas River Walks, and various business districts in downtown Dallas. It sits on top of a hill just across the street from the Dallas Convention Center. Information can be found here.

The courthouse is home to several exhibits of historical and artistic significance. Among its notable exhibits include the original exhibits of the American Bar Association (ABSA) in the early twentieth century; The Old Red Courthouse, and a display featuring the works of Dr. Thomas Jefferson. Other exhibits of interest include The Great Railroad Strike of 1877, which is held in the rotunda. In addition to historical exhibits, the Dallas County Courthouse also has a large collection of antiques including early American paintings and woodblock prints; The famous “The Demonstration,” featuring the 1812 eruption of the Trinity, dammed, then flooded in the Colorado River; and The Alamo Drafthouse, which are known for its movie nights. See here for information about Dallas, TX Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park – A Great Place For Kids To Have Fun.

To visit the Dallas County Courthouse on a daily schedule, the quickest way is via public transportation. Downtown Dallas’ downtown transit system serves many bus routes. The Dallas Fort Worth Regional Transit Authority also has a rail network called Metrolink and the DART Light Rail System. However, you may find that driving is faster, especially in the evening or on the weekends, as traffic congestion is more prevalent during these times. You should make sure to take public transportation into and out of the downtown area and to and avoid parking in the Dallas City Limits. if possible.