Dallas, Texas, mobile patrol services are easy to contact, and you can be sure that they are fully trained in their mobile responsibilities. You will want to make sure that you contact the best mobile patrol service that offers a wide range of services, including patrol, surveillance, and emergency vehicle services. By providing these types of services, you will be able to deter criminals, keep your city safe, and allow your business to flourish as well. See more here.


The Mobile Patrol Service is composed of approximately one hundred detectives from various law enforcement agencies throughout Dallas, Texas. These detectives have been carefully selected and undergo extensive training to become a part of the Mobile Patrol Service. Each detective is assigned to an area of responsibility. The Dallas, Texas mobile detectives are supervised by an experienced sworn officer, usually a detective master corporal. The detective is paid a minimum wage but often receives incentives for arrests, traffic violations, and other law enforcement duties performed. Many of these same services are available to citizens on the street in areas like Arlington. See here for information about The Increasing popularity of Dallas, TX Mobile Patrol Services.

If you have a need to contact the Dallas, Texas Mobile Patrol Services, there are numerous methods available to do so. The most efficient and quickest method is to use their online site. On this site, you will find several contact options, including telephone, email, and regular mail. Mobile patrol services in Dallas, Texas, are open seven days a week, and you can reach the Mobile Patrol Service with questions about your particular needs.