Belo Garden is an enormous public park located at the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas. It is the home to numerous popular attractions, including Dallas Art Institute, Dallas Zoo, Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and a massive indoor shopping complex called the Galleria at Fair Park. The park was designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright. This park features many beautiful gardens, and sculptures, as well as a wide array of exhibits, including a massive water feature. The Belo Gardens has long been one of the most beautiful parks in Dallas and Texas. Learn more here.

Located between Commerce and Main streets, Belo is situated between the Dallas Convention Center, the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and the Dallas Downtown Discovery Museum. This park is also known for its outdoor attractions. Belo Gardens was originally designed to provide a place for children to play. It was built as a playground to help improve the neighborhood’s education. As time went by, this park was expanded and adapted to serve more functional purposes. In addition to being used as a playground, it also became home to a wide variety of activities. It was originally designed to have tennis courts, but as time passed, other types of activities were added. The skateboard park was created in 1992 and features a variety of rails and other items that make it possible for skateboarders to skateboard on a smooth surface. Learn more about Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park in Dallas, Texas – A Fantastic Place To Go.

Belo Gardens can be found just blocks from the Dallas Convention Center itself. If you are looking for something a little different, you might want to stop by The Galleria at Fair Park and take a look around. You will be able to find everything from a variety of sporting goods to arts and crafts. Besides, there are many attractions nearby that offer shopping. One of the great things about Belo Gardens is that it can provide you with many ways to enjoy the area. You can bring the family along on your next trip and you will be able to enjoy all of the great things that Belo offers.