Dwight D. Eisenhower Park in San Antonio, Texas, is an eight-acre park located on the western edge of the downtown area. It is administered by the city of San Antonio’s Parks and Recreation department. The park has an official name but is sometimes referred to as Eisenhower Park. The park was built in 1965 and is surrounded by a high fence and landscaping. Learn information about San Antonio, TX here.

The first public use of the park occurred when the first mayor of San Antonio, William H. Clements, and the city council approved an agreement to establish a park on a portion of the property owned by the city. The park was named after the Army commander during World War II, who commanded a division based in San Antonio and its surrounding areas. The park was later named after the president of the United States and became known as the Robert E. Lee Park. The park was closed to the public at some point, but it was opened to the public once again during the early 1960s. The name was changed again, and the park was finally opened to the public in late 1965.Discover facts about A Tourist Destination – Brackenridge Park in San Antonio, TX.

Many of the trees that surround the park were felled to make room for the construction of the park, and most of the trees that surround the park were replaced by grass. There are two picnic areas on the southern end of the park. The restrooms are in addition to the picnic areas and are located close to the southern edge of the park. The park can be accessed by a trail that runs along the southern edge of the park from a pedestrian bridge.