There are many different kinds of Mobile Patrol Services in San Antonio, Texas. You have the standard motorcycle, which has all the bells and whistles but doesn’t have much room for a driver or a passenger. The best vehicles to patrol the streets of San Antonio are the new SUVs with full-size drivers seating two passengers of around 8. Many of these vehicles can be fitted with sirens and flashing lights, which make them unique. They also have enough space for a motorcycle as well as a passenger, and there is room for the motorcycle to be driven with the windows down. Most of the newer vehicles that have been added to the fleet are equipped with airbags as well as automatic seatbelts. Click here for facts about San Antonio, TX.


There are also the Mobile Auto Detailing and Mobile Security patrols in San Antonio. These vehicles will come equipped with a covered box or a rolling garage, as the case may be. The customer will pay for the cleaning, and then the vehicle is picked up and driven to the customer’s location. This vehicle will not always be in their driveway waiting for the client; if they are busy, they will call the client first and then send the auto Detailing and Mobile Security vehicle. This will save the customer time and keep them moving from one appointment to another. Click here to read about The Highly Trained Mobile Patrol Services in San Antonio, Texas.

The next style of Mobile Patrol Service that is used in San Antonio is the Mobile Traffic Enforcement and Mobile Public Awareness vehicles. This style of vehicle has all the bells and whistles that you would find in a standard patrol vehicle without the space of a parking lot. The most common uses for this style of the vehicle would be for DUI School Patrol, DUI Support, Mobile Auto Detailing, and Mobile Security. The DUI school patrol vehicle is used primarily for drunk driving detection. The Mobile Auto Detailing and Mobile Public Awareness vehicle are also used for a routine traffic stop, curb congestion, and other large events.