Pilot Knob, also known as Red Knob, is an eroded volcanic core of a volcano that lies 8 miles west of central Austin, Texas, just south of Austin Brazos International Airport and near the communities of Beebe, Brushy Creek, and McKinney Falls. It is one of the last remaining active volcano cones in Texas. The unique landscape of this area consisting of red cinder cones, lava flows, and numerous sulfur-producing active volcanoes offer spectacular photo opportunities. It is also an excellent site for photography during the hot summer months as the flaring activity of the active volcanoes creates a breathtaking backdrop. Learn more facts here.


This is a remote area, which will require some special equipment to reach it. You can use your four-wheel-drive vehicle or rent a quad bike or hiking boots to make your way to the Pilot Knob. It is well known that the white knobs are the most accessible and therefore they are the best place to begin your trip. Once at the knob, you will need a few pieces of equipment to make your trip to the Redneck Island and South Texas easier: Read about Moores Crossing, Texas – Come See Why This Town is So Famous here. 

A map with aerial photos is needed, a compass, a battery-operated radio, and a pair of good glasses for seeing the map and for spotting the land feature, including the lakes, in the area. If you have never explored the area and want to take an ATV ride or try your hand at white water rafting, hire a professional for the day or weekend. If you have a lot of experience in working with electricians, you can also call an Austin electrical company for assistance with the repairs to your knob, after the job has been done. So now you have a map, batteries, an amp, an expert, and a map to get you started with your adventures in Texas Redneck Nature Park, Pilot Knob, Texas.