Hornsby Bend, Texas is a quiet little town by Texas standards located off the coast of San Antonio on the Gulf of Mexico. It has a low-key charm that will surely catch your attention if you come here for a visit. The population is about six hundred and fifty and it is mostly a farming community. In the early twentieth century, Hornsby Bend served as a depot for shipments to the Texas Railroad. Today it is a popular tourist destination with many people coming to enjoy all the natural wonders that Texas has to offer. Discover more about Austin, TX here. 


Hornsby Bend, Texas is a very unique community that is home to about seven unique communities that were created during the olden days of the Republic of Texas. Hornsby Bend became the first official town of Texas when it was incorporated as a taxable community in Texas in taxable years after the Texas Revolutionary War. The original settlement or town of Hornsby Bend, Texas was established by an act of Congress of the 29th legislature which was later repeated by the 31st legislature. Hornsby Bend was designated as a taxable place by the first Texas representative Sam Houston. The first building that can still be viewed in the community is the old Main Post Office building which was destroyed in the Dust Bowl. Today the community of Hornsby Bend, Texas is most famous for its wide array of shops and restaurants that attracts many visitors to this part of Texas. Discover facts about Elroy, Texas – Relax in Comfort Lifestyle.

You can see the location of the former post office building in the National Historic Landmark, which is one of the finest landmarks in Texas. There are various hotels in the area that provide good accommodation to tourists who come for a stay in Hornsby Bend, Texas. It is important to check the availability of rooms in Hornsby Bend, Texas before you travel to the town to avoid paying extra money for accommodation in hotels that are not available. The best time to visit this part of Texas is between December to March. Other popular attractions in the area include the Ringling Brothers circus, which comes to Hornsby Bend from Australia every year. There are many historical sites that one can view in Hornsby Bend including the old bridge across the Tarpon River and the old fort which were one of the early rail stations that were built by the Continental soldiers on their way to battle at Valley Forge.